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Why hire me?

  • US-based customer service
  • Command of clear and concise English language
  • Perfect complement to your graphic designers
  • Strict delivery deadlines
  • Assured work quality
  • Guaranteed NDA policy

Your Message, My Mission

I’ve highlighted the types of assignments I most enjoy completing. If you need something not listed here, please get in touch. If I’m not your guy, I’ll help you find a suitable alternative.


A blog cultivates a relationship between you and your reader. If properly nurtured, it can convert readers to buyers.

Blogs do best when incorporated into a larger marketing strategy. Social media copy supporting each blog post is billed separately.

Blog posts are ideal for:

  • Leading with compelling headlines
  • Using optimal keywords without sacrificing clarity
  • Promoting specific calls to action
  • Driving traffic to products or services
  • Encouraging feedback and discussion

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Case Studies

Your customers may or may not pay attention to the testimonials you’ve scattered in your promotional materials. Worse, they may not believe them, but an extended success story will go a long way in cultivating confidence in your product or service.

Case studies illustrate how a customer’s problem was solved with your assistance. They are real world depictions of your product in action and have a great potential to build credibility. Unlike a white paper, case studies are free of technical jargon.

Case studies are ideal for:

  • Identifying the ideal customer
  • Spotlighting the ways you can make someone’s life easier
  • Understanding why your approach proved superior to competing options
  • Explaining how your product or service was used
  • Outlining the features and benefits

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Grant Writing

Government agencies, foundations, and corporations provide financial awards to nonprofit organizations to carry out a public purpose. Grant proposals are written to obtain general operating support, for capital improvements, or to request funding for a specific program. It is up to you to clearly identify the problem, offer ways to resolve the issue, and explain how you are in the unique position to yield the best outcome.

I will review the funder’s guidelines on proposal submissions. If your proposal process is starting with a letter of interest, I will follow my standard format which has proven successful in conveying the key elements of a proposal.

These elements include:

  • Proposal summary
  • Sponsor appeal
  • Description of the problem
  • Proposed solution
  • Explanation of capabilities/experience
  • Budget narrative
  • Closing remarks

A few notes on Grant Writing:

  1. Please be mindful of the numerous scams purporting to sell the secret to collecting thousands of dollars in grant money. While there are social programs to help people in need, most assistance for individual projects take the shape of loans.
  2. Please be wary of anyone who claims to boast XX success rate in winning proposals. No two applicants, and no two funders, are alike. Delineated projects, “soft” budgets,” and a host of other weaknesses cannot be overcome by a well-crafted proposal. The awarding of grants has more to do with function than form; therefore, let me be explicit on the point that it is not my job to procure a grant. Rather, it is my duty to make the best case possible for your proposal.
  3. Currently, I am not preparing grant proposals to government agencies at any level.

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Landing Pages

There are no second chances to make a first impression. Give your product the spotlight it deserves with a landing page designed to inspire a visitor to move from curiosity to motivation. Though no two landing pages will look alike, every example should use a combination of craft and psychology to construct the most competitive appeal.

Landing pages should include:

  • Persuasive headlines that catch and retain your customer’s attention
  • Unique factors that distinguish your approach from everyone else
  • Compelling list of features and benefits that anticipate your customer’s needs
  • Customer reviews or testimonials highlighting product strengths
  • Decisive calls to action

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Speech Writing

I will help you draft speeches for a myriad of ceremonial, corporate, and political occasions. Even the most seasoned of public speakers will appreciate the convenience of having me transform their talking points into eloquent presentations.

I take into account your industry and personal style and use these to produce a speech worthy of your excellence across a wide range of occasions including: weddings, banquets, commencements, keynotes, product launches, press conferences, and more.

A memorable speech will include:

  • Humor appropriate for the occasion
  • Personal stories and relevant examples
  • Authenticity and vulnerability
  • Proper use of literary devices to invigorate the call to action
  • Loyalty to the speaker’s natural voice

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Editorial Service

Maybe the product has already been written. You’re looking for someone to polish what’s there without sacrificing your voice or aesthetics. These are the two types of editing available.

Line Editing

Line editing is the more stringent of the two editing options. Your product will be analyzed line by line to check for spelling, syntax, formatting, consistency, and accuracy. Line editing can be a humbling experience…

Line editing is ideal for:

  • Fact checking references to people, places, and works of art
  • Moving, or removing, text for optimal reading experience
  • Identifying inconsistencies and repetitions
  • Eliminating filler language
  • Incorporating all elements of Proofreading


Proofreading is the more cosmetic of the two editing options. It typically comes last in the editorial review process and is best for clients who want a fresh perspective just before publication.

Proofreading is ideal for:

  • Capturing typos
  • Spotting missing words
  • Streamlining punctuation
  • Strengthening word usage
  • Converting larger text blocks into succinct paragraphs
  • Checking bad URLs

Has your product been polished to its finest shine? Check pricing, or get in touch.

Average entrepreneurs merely provide a product or service. Great companies offer an experience. Let me help you offer something memorable.

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