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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” — Virginia Woolf

Someone once told me the best speeches are those where the speaker leaves a little of himself in the delivery. The same must be true of writing. I am conscious of the reality I am always writing for you, whether in a business capacity as your copywriter or in a personal capacity as your storyteller. Regardless, I hope the sum total of my experiences makes for passages worthy of your attention.

In a perfect world, my material would appeal to readers of all ages. My target audience, however, is young adults. And because there is so much I wish I could have told my younger self, I have dedicated my blog to the kind of financial, career, and relationship advice I wish someone would have given me.

As for the rest of the site? I suppose it’s a reflection of my interests. More than anything though, I want it to be another means to connect with you. My future works will be enriched by the dialogue we share and what you teach me.

Yours in service,

Joe Orozco

  • To Buy or Not to Buy a Home During the Pandemic
    It seems everyone is buying a house these days. At first it was just the distant acquaintance on social media. Then it was people in my inner circle, and despite my reservations, I confess I recently started feeling a growing case of FOMO. How can you battle the pressure when you start feeling your own symptoms, and what did I ultimately decide to do about my own condition? Understanding the Root What comes to mind when you think of a successful life? In America at least, you might think of a spouse, 2.5 kids, a dog, and of course, a …

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  • How to Make Packing Your Lunch More Appealing!
    If you had to guess, how much would you say the average person spends on lunch during the workweek? Or, better yet, let’s make it personal and think about how much you yourself spent on lunch over the past twelve months. If you were keeping a budget like we discussed, you should have a ballpark idea. The average American spends $2,746 on lunch a year. Assuming a person buys lunch every work day over the span of 52 weeks, that breaks out to roughly $10.50 a work day. Look, I get it. Why would you put effort into making and …

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  • Do You Want to be Your Own Boss?
    Self-employment looks appealing for someone who wants to quit a job they hate. Working for yourself, however, does not mean total, or instant, freedom. Being the boss will put you in direct contact with the obligations from which you were once shielded. I am more or less satisfied with my current job. That doesn’t mean there aren’t days, usually around 3 PM, when I don’t entertain ideas of getting up from my desk, picking up Matthew’s harness and walking out of the building and into a new adventure. So far though, I am willing to see this job through. Here’s …

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  • My Vote Against the iPhone 12
    Though slightly delayed, iPhone season is upon us. Bottom line up front? I wasn’t sold. This is why. Purchasing Philosophy Before I get into the specifics, it’s worth mentioning my iPhone purchasing philosophy. I view a big purchase like this as an investment. I prefer to splurge on a good phone and have the investment endure several years as opposed to switching phones every year, or even every other year. It is my personal opinion that new features are incremental and are most likely to be fully enjoyed if taken in as a sum total after a prolonged period of …

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  • How to Network at an Event If You Are Shy
    Humans are shy by design, not by nature, and nothing intimidates shy people more than the prospect of networking. I don’t mean the kind of social networking you do from a device, but rather, the networking you do in person at a reception, happy hour, conference, or similar event where professional networking is likely to occur. Here are a few tips to be more successful at networking. Dress with Confidence I’m not suggesting you break the bank on expensive wardrobe. There is an argument to be made for certain brands lasting longer, but this is more about finding clothes that …

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