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One day I will go into the office because I want to, and not because I need to. This is the story of my journey to that point, along with all the lessons I wish I could have told my younger self to get there a little faster. Comments and guest posts are always welcomed.

The Paranoid's Guide to Protecting Your Identity While Traveling

Wouldn't it be awful to lose your wallet or smartphone while on vacation? Change the scenario to a foreign country, and the situation will quickly go from dismal to desperate. Plan for precautions now while you have a clear head, because thinking of everything in a moment of panic is just setting yourself up for failure.

Keep Copies of Your Personal Documents

Scan copies of your driver's license, social security card, credit cards, passports and other sensitive documents to an encrypted file in your computer. The account and telephone numbers will be important to temporarily cancel cards and services.

Should You Invest in Twitter?

If you want to skip my personal opinion, I’ll just say that investing in Twitter would be a bad idea. If you’re interested in my rationale, read on.

You Are Not Responsible for Your Family

Let's clear up from the top that when I refer to family, I don't mean your spouse and children. It's difficult for me to understand men and women who just walk out. I'm talking about siblings; cousins twice removed, and yes, sometimes even parents. Eventually you hit a point where you have to realize you cannot be held responsible for someone else's mistakes when you have so much to learn from the ones you create all on your own.

Should Fiction Writers be Blogging?

Every now and then, like every other week, I work myself into a tizzy over whether or not maintaining this blog is worth the hassle. No, this is not a pity party, just a glimpse into my tortured literary soul. An author needs to write. That's the bread and butter of his success, but these days it's equally important to build a platform.

Secure Data on the Open Web

Have you ever needed to transmit passwords or other sensitive data via a secure electronic channel? There are at least three services that will let you do so via a secure site. At its simplest, you would:

  • Visit the page and enter your data.
  • Copy the URL.
  • Send the URL to your intended recipient.

Depending on the service, the message will self-destruct after it's been accessed. The message will only be available for a limited time based on your choosing.

Saving Money for the Inevitable

Something could change to stop the federal government from shutting down this Tuesday. Weren’t we here this past March? It doesn’t matter. Whether the government shuts down this week or not, we’ll be right back in this same position at some point in time, and millions of federal workers will scramble to figure out how long they could survive before things get desperate.

If You Only Knew What I Really Thought

How many times have you found yourself wishing you’d said what was on your mind but didn’t because you were afraid of offending someone?

I used to have a boss who often spoke before she thought. It would make the victims of her sharp tongue cringe with the brutality of her honesty. When that tongue came lashing out at me, I’d sometimes forget the boss/subordinate role and lash right back. It could sometimes make for an uncomfortable working environment, but so far, she is the boss for whom I still hold the highest respect.

A Good Example of a Bad Thank You

It’s always good etiquette to send a thank you note after a job interview invitation; however, do not follow this person’s example. I have changed names and dates to protect the clueless, but otherwise the message reads exactly the way it was received.

Actually, I did not include the fancy border and the photo the individual included of themself in the body of the e-mail, but I think you’ll find the note stands out all on its own without those eccentric bonuses.

The e-mail follows:


Mr. Burns,

How to Win Debates and Everyday Arguments

Have you ever met argumentative people you wish you could beat at their own game? I'm talking about the Hermionies in your life. You know who they are. It's those arrogant so-and-so’s who are so convinced they know it all that nothing you say will matter because in their eyes, your intelligence is so inferior that the very thought of you proving them wrong about anything is so astonishing as to be redonkulous!

Well, fear no more. I give you the Sun Tzu Art of Mental Manhandling. Or, Joe's Starter Guide to Making Those Egos Cry Uncle.

The Best Financial Blog You Must Follow

Of the 30 plus blogs I follow, there is one I go out of my way to ensure I don’t skip a post. Well, there are a few, but there is one in particular I would read first if I only had time to read one, and you too should consider subscribing.

Here is a list of sample entries: