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One day I will go into the office because I want to, and not because I need to. This is the story of my journey to that point, along with all the lessons I wish I could have told my younger self to get there a little faster. Comments and guest posts are always welcomed.

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Keeping Time with the Tempo of Your Story

How many times have you had to adjust a scene to fit the pace of your manuscript? It’s happened to me more often than I care to confess. I get so enthusiastic about jumping to the climax and forget that each individual scene plays an important role in moving the story along.

Part of it is timing. Too slow and you might get distracted. Too fast and you might get overwhelmed. The scenes in a story should work in sync like a well-oiled machine, especially in a novella where space is not infinite.

Microsoft is not Last in Accessibility

Apple was something of a phenomenon for the blindness community. It was a company from a very short list that allowed consumers to interact with mainstream electronics as seamlessly as sighted counterparts, and gaining the ability to independently set up a device fresh out of the box provided final proof that we really had turned a corner in universal accessibility. But there is another giant who seldom gets the praise and spotlight it deserves in today's technology dialogue.

What You Need to Know About Dialogue Tags

Great authors make dialogue sound so seamless. I think that’s the idea, right? To forget you’re reading a story and feel like you might be eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation? Oh, hush. You know you’ve done it, especially when you’re standing in line and don’t have a smartphone to keep you distracted.

The Best Young Adult Blog I’ve Read So Far

The Best Young Adult Blog I’ve Read so Far

What are three signs a blog kicks ass? According to me?

  • You read the initial post word for word from beginning to end.
  • You check out the archives for more thoughts by the author.
  • You actually check out the About page to learn more about the person behind the posts.

This evening I came across a teenager who’s hitting each point on the nose and is doing it in such a way that makes me think blogging could actually be fun!

The Best Zombie Audio Drama

Have you gotten caught up in The Walking Dead mania? Excellent, I've got a great supplement for your diet between episodes, but before you start doing a zombie dance, you should know that to enjoy this production your eyes are not as important as the stuff between your ears.

Stephen King's Christine and the Technology Race Track

This past weekend I reread Stephen King's Christine for what was probably the third time. I am very likely to reread any book I give 5 stars to in my Goodreads, but Christine has always been a special favorite.

iPad, Not the Most Economical Choice for Blind Consumers

Are you in the market for a tablet? If you happen to be a blind consumer, I'm going to gently discourage you from making that investment, and although my experience is primarily based on the iPad, my rationale could apply to tablets across the board. No doubt my position will raise a few hackles, and I encourage you to make heavy use of the comments to offer a different perspective on a topic that is subjective by nature.

Tech Toys and the Expensive Normal

This past week I discovered for myself an ugly reality of financial management: The more you possess, the more expensive normal becomes. It was one of life’s little ironies, as I just read a blog post warning me about just such a thing on The Simple Dollar, one of the best financial blogs you’ll ever subscribe to.

You, Me, and the Horror Contract Between Us

If you’re a horror fan, you will eventually hit those ruts when you feel there is nothing really scary left to read. You know, the juicy stuff that keeps your lamp burning and your heart jerking at every unusual sound outside your window. It’s a fair assumption. Next to humor, horror is the most difficult genre to hit it out of the park, because what could be terrifying to me could be a big-o knee slapper to you. Yet I’ve discovered something that should have slapped me upside the head a long time ago.