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One day I will go into the office because I want to, and not because I need to. This is the story of my journey to that point, along with all the lessons I wish I could have told my younger self to get there a little faster. Comments and guest posts are always welcomed.

Stop Blaming the Economy for Your Unemployment

I once had an interesting debate on a forum concerning the economy and whether or not it is to blame for the persistent high unemployment rate among the blind. There were a few subscribers who straddled the fence, but for the most part I was a party of one in my way of thinking.

So, although my note was written with blind people in mind, here it is for your consumption in case you too need a kick in the pants. I’ve made modifications to my original posts for better context.

Yes, the economy could be better, but I have to say it irritates me to hear people blame the economy for being unemployed.

Stop Falling for Financial Scams!

It's frustrating to see so many guarantees of financial success with little to no effort. It's even more frustrating to see so many people consume these promises with little regard for rational thought. Yes, if you buy into the lottery, you are a victim.

Best Financial Advice Roundup for July 2014

Here are the best financial advice articles I read over the past month:

Power to the Pinched! The Personal Finance Anarchist Cookbook

Do You Want to be Your Own Boss?

Self-employment looks appealing for someone who wants to quit a job they hate. Working for yourself, however, does not mean total, or instant, freedom. Being the boss will put you in direct contact with the obligations from which you were once shielded.

3 Perceptions that Eat Your Bank Account

How many times have you looked down your nose at a product or service with a lower price because you felt it's value was too inferior? You get what you pay for and only suckers expect the best from less, right?

Sometimes the lower price is indicative of poor performance. The other day I was comparing outdoor surveillance cameras on Amazon. There were models that were more than 50% off the regular price, and while on face it should have pleased me to be able to buy something at a dramatic discount, one look at the customer reviews explained the rip-off.

What's Scarier Than Starting Your Own Business?

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What's scarier than starting your own business? In my opinion, it's having a 9-to-5 job!

What makes me say so?

Well, there has been a huge "paradigm shift" (forgive the jargon) in employment that has turned the work world upside down.

When I was a young lad fresh out of college in the late 70s, getting a corporate job - like I did - was the safe, secure thing to do.

Have You Checked Your Credit Report Recently?

In 2013 the Consumer Sentinel Network registered more than 2 million complaints from various federal, state and local law enforcement offices. Of these 14% were related to identity theft, specifically: government benefit fraud, credit cards, utilities, banking, and employment.

Keep Your Free If You'll Charge Me Later

Have you ever had someone do something nice for you? Probably. But, how many times has that person held that nice deed against you?

Last year I had a contractor taking care of various projects around the house. The joys of owning a home, right? Anyway, he was nothing to get excited over but did a good job at a decent rate. He even threw in the occasional freebie. It was never anything extreme or completely removed from the job he'd already been hired to do. The good deeds were noted and appreciated. I took them as perks as part of what should have been a long-term working relationship.

The One "Ting" that Will Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

No, that’s not a typo. You see, for years I paid more money to major wireless providers because I thought they were more reliable than the new generation of “affordable” carriers. I suffered from that first world mentality that if it costs less, it must be crappy, but when I switched to Ting, saw my bills plummet and noticed zero change in the high quality of service, I wanted to kick myself for not switching sooner.

Are Your Fiction Characters Based on Real People?

It's easier to write fiction when the personalities in your story are sketched after someone you know. Or, at least that's what conventional writer wisdom tells us, but Dana Tate over at The Write Life shows this is not always true.

She writes: