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One day I will go into the office because I want to, and not because I need to. This is the story of my journey to that point, along with all the lessons I wish I could have told my younger self to get there a little faster. Comments and guest posts are always welcomed.

Best Financial Advice Roundup for December 2014

These are the financial and self-sufficiency articles that grabbed my attention over the past month:

10 Worst College Degrees to Earn in 2015

Before you decide to go to college — or, more specifically, before you agree to take on a mountain of debt to pay for it — you might want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from the experience.

An Insider's Perspective on Serotek

Back in September 2011 I’d reached that point in my part-time business where I no longer wanted to just write for nonprofit organizations. I wanted to try my hand at content marketing for tech companies. As far as assistive technology, I wrote to Freedom Scientific, HIMS, Sendero, and just for the hell of it, I wrote to Serotek.

Is Technology Helping or Hindering the Blind?

The other day I sat down to chat with a 13-year-old boy who is slowly beginning to lose his sight. Among other positive points, I made the observation that on the whole, it really is not a bad time to be a blind person. After all, technology has improved in leaps and bounds, but later I got to wondering if technology might not be empowering us as effectively as it is holding us back.

10 Reasons Not to Start a Nonprofit

These days it seems everyone wants to run out and start a nonprofit to solve the world’s problems. There’s something noble in wanting to use your talents to leave behind a better place, but does that necessarily mean starting a new organization?

Hadley: A Hidden Gem for Blind Entrepreneurs

Remember when I told you to stop blaming the economy for your unemployment? After the economic bust in 2008 many people went into business for themselves, and while it is always a good idea to be educated on the nuances of planning and launching a new business, you don’t necessarily need a full college degree.

Best Financial Advice Roundup for November 2014

These are the articles that grabbed my attention over the past month:

Student Loan Forgiveness Series: Volunteering

My Complaint with Freedom Scientific

JAWS 16 was officially released today. Why aren’t we more excited?

I’ve been using JAWS for over fifteen years. It’s still my primary screen reader today, but as a direct consumer who relies on a product that is supposed to excel in a professional setting, I don’t know that I’m getting a good return on my investment.

Looking at the list of “latest features,” MathML support seems like the only real new feature to the screen reader. Everything else is either a marketing device or a software enhancement that should have been released as part of a regular update to previous versions.

Best Financial Advice Roundup for October 2014

These are the articles that grabbed my attention over the past month. The first is a reference from my LDS church, but the advice will apply even if you are not Mormon.

Making Money Your Ally

Best Financial Advice Roundup for September 2014

These are the articles that grabbed my attention over the past month. Some of them, like the first entry, may not seem directly relevant to financial management, but I've learned financial management is not always just about finances.

On priorities and paying attention

“Stop reading the directions,” I say.

“I’m not reading the directions,” he says.

Best Financial Advice Roundup for August 2014

Here are the best financial advice articles I read over the past month. And, because I'm a moron and did not check to make sure the links were working in last month's batch, you can read July's Roundup right here. Enjoy!

How the Anti-Budget Can Save Your Wallet

Let’s see a show of hands: how many of you actually make a budget?

(Silence. Crickets chirping.)

Yeah, I thought so.