Leaving Verizon FIOS and Signing Up for Comcast Xfinity

One of the perks of buying my first home was learning it came wired with Verizon FIOS. Internet at the speed of light? Yep, I was a victim of their marketing ploy, and over the span of two years I'd say my experience was pleasant. There was never a service outage, and the billing, although a little higher than I would have preferred, was consistent, no surprises.

Then my contract ended.

My monthly bill immediately jumped from approximately $110 for Internet, TV and telephone to just north of $160. Appalling. After all, isn't their party line something to the effect of saving more when you bundle? The best they could do was give me a $25 discount. I pondered the various things they could do with their discount and left for Comcast.

But, wait, don't people usually leave Comcast to go for Verizon?

That's what people prefer to do. Verizon delivers good service. They know it and aren't shy about charging for it, but if you aren't willing to keep a customer who's never been late on a payment over the past two years, it's time for that customer to move on.

My initial concerns with moving to Comcast:

  • Data Caps: Thank goodness that nonsense is not practiced in all markets. I understand the cap is something like 250 gigs. To be fair, I have no idea how much my home consumes, but it's enough to track my cellular usage. I do not want this to extend to my home Internet.
  • Poor Customer Service: Actually, so far the customer service and technical support has been pleasant. My equipment was scheduled to arrive on June 4. It did not arrive until June 11. I received credit for the inconvenience. Also, there was a $5 charge for a premium channel I hadn't requested. Annoying, but the charge was promptly removed.
  • Faulty Equipment: The only issue with getting set up had to do with the signal reaching my house. The property had last used Comcast in 2007. Not my problem. Comcast fixed it the next day.

The next step was to eliminate the $10 modem rental fee. I've since purchased my own Docsis 3.0 modem. Note the widget is showing the full price, but clicking on the link will show the current price of $64.99.

Image of ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem  (Black,Retail Packaging)
Manufacturer: Motorola
Part Number: SB6121
Price: $99.00

My initial bill was something around $83, including the self-installation fee. My normal bill moving forward should be closer to $60 for 110/10 Internet speed and 50 cable channels, including FNC. The price should be good for 12 months, no contract. Even if I were to rent a DVR, the price would be a lot easier to swallow than the monstrosity Verizon was trying to peddle.

A neat little bonus is the talking remote control. I have not experimented much with it beyond switching channels and having their name spoken to me. A bit slow to speak, but I appreciate the ability to independently know where I am in the channel lineup.

I'll keep this post updated over the next year with thoughts on my new ISP. No, it's not Verizon, but given the $100 difference, that's a damn good thing.

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