June 2015

Raising the Bar on Apple Accessibility

In 2009 Apple got a pass on blindness accessibility for mobile products because that's what you do for pioneers who kick open new doors for equality. For a first attempt, they were well ahead of the curve, but no one expects a honeymoon to linger six years after the initial thrill. It's time to hold Apple to a higher standard where accessibility for blind consumers is concerned.

Leaving Verizon FIOS and Signing Up for Comcast Xfinity

One of the perks of buying my first home was learning it came wired with Verizon FIOS. Internet at the speed of light? Yep, I was a victim of their marketing ploy, and over the span of two years I'd say my experience was pleasant. There was never a service outage, and the billing, although a little higher than I would have preferred, was consistent, no surprises.

Then my contract ended.