March 2015

Life Lessons From a Funeral Home

I used to post monthly compilations of my favorite financial advice articles. Alas, the site stats showed me no one else was really interested, so rather than bore you with article lists no one will ever read, I've decided to find great articles and share some thoughts on why they stood out for me.

3 Steps to Launch a Website

Launchhing your own website does not have to be as complicated as people make it out to be. In fact, you can knock it out in a few simple steps.

A Great Alternative to Business Plans

Have you been putting off starting your own business because you're afraid of writing a business plan? Let me let you in on my little secret. I did not write a business plan until after I'd launched AlphaComm Strategies, and then, the only reason I wrote it was to make a pitch for startup funding.

Killing the Stealthy Financial Enemy

How many times has peer pressure motivated your hand to spend money when your heart wasn't really in it? I'm not even talking about the perpetual race to keep up with the Joneses. You know, your friend got the latest tablet; therefore, you should have one too. Rather, I'm speaking of that other breed of peer pressure that is more subtle but every bit as destructive to your financial independence.

An Update on My Experience with Ting

A year ago this month I wrote an article singing the praises of Ting. Lest you think that was a brief scam, I'm publishing my most recent bill here so you can see how much I'm truly saving on cell phone charges and, frankly, how much easier it is to read and understand this bill as compared to traditional carriers.