July 2014

Stop Blaming the Economy for Your Unemployment

I once had an interesting debate on a forum concerning the economy and whether or not it is to blame for the persistent high unemployment rate among the blind. There were a few subscribers who straddled the fence, but for the most part I was a party of one in my way of thinking.

So, although my note was written with blind people in mind, here it is for your consumption in case you too need a kick in the pants. I’ve made modifications to my original posts for better context.

Yes, the economy could be better, but I have to say it irritates me to hear people blame the economy for being unemployed.

Stop Falling for Financial Scams!

It's frustrating to see so many guarantees of financial success with little to no effort. It's even more frustrating to see so many people consume these promises with little regard for rational thought. Yes, if you buy into the lottery, you are a victim.

Best Financial Advice Roundup for July 2014

Here are the best financial advice articles I read over the past month:

Power to the Pinched! The Personal Finance Anarchist Cookbook