January 2014

The Best Young Adult Blog I’ve Read So Far

The Best Young Adult Blog I’ve Read so Far

What are three signs a blog kicks ass? According to me?

  • You read the initial post word for word from beginning to end.
  • You check out the archives for more thoughts by the author.
  • You actually check out the About page to learn more about the person behind the posts.

This evening I came across a teenager who’s hitting each point on the nose and is doing it in such a way that makes me think blogging could actually be fun!

The Best Zombie Audio Drama

Have you gotten caught up in The Walking Dead mania? Excellent, I've got a great supplement for your diet between episodes, but before you start doing a zombie dance, you should know that to enjoy this production your eyes are not as important as the stuff between your ears.

Stephen King's Christine and the Technology Race Track

This past weekend I reread Stephen King's Christine for what was probably the third time. I am very likely to reread any book I give 5 stars to in my Goodreads, but Christine has always been a special favorite.