May 2013

Lessons of a Blogger with a Day Job

How do you stick to a consistent blogging schedule on top of your other responsibilities? I've had a near 100% success rate over the past three months, and it was not as difficult as I'd feared.

Before the Black: Dealing with Impending Blindness

What's worse, to be born without any sight or to grow up seeing and realize soon you will not be able to? Blindness is a complex animal, because there are varying stages of "legal blindness." There are a number of medical conditions that can result in loss of sight, but no matter the cause, I have embraced the idea that blindness in any form does not have to spell the end of a person's usefulness. But, of course: Beliefs aren't really convictions until they are sincerely tested.

Article Roundup: The Art of Salary Negotiation

How do you get paid what you're worth? Good resumes, cover letters, and excellent interview skills will go a long way in securing the job you want, but the job is only as good as the dollar attached to it. The point is completely independent of happiness. That's for another day, but compensation has plenty of emotional significance on those days when you are less than enthused with your occupation.