March 2013

An Easter Message

In my spare time I enjoy writing fiction, and the recurring advice writers hear time and again is: Write what you know.

Word of Mouth

The next series of posts will concentrate on job application preparation: cover letters, résumés, interviews, etc. Kicking off the series is an article by Mary Fernandez--originally published in the Fall 2012 issue of the Student Slate, a publication of the National Association of Blind Students. She describes the culmination of hard work and how it paid off in landing a job without the aid of fancy technology.

Here, published in full with permission by the author, is Mary’s story:

How to Pick a College Major

To make the most of your college financial investment, pick a practical major that will enhance your future marketability. Doing so will ensure you are well-equipped to excel no matter what line of work you tackle after graduation.

Is Graduate School Worth It?

Why do you want to go to graduate school? You generally felt college was worth it. You got your bachelor's degree because you heard a college degree leads to a better salary. Maybe you feel grad school is the next logical step because you think the specialty of a Master's will make you more marketable. A doctoral degree? Outside of academia, I don't know that the degree will open up that many more doors than an undergraduate diploma.

Is College Worth It?

Does the thought of starting college make your stomach drop? Or, if you're already there, are you convinced college is a social experiment designed to shake you out of your money while smug professors watch you suffer?