January 2013

Put Your Blog on an Automatic Schedule

Professional bloggers talk about the importance about posting on a consistent schedule to keep subscribers interested. When I read advice like this, I turn to the most reliable focus group I know: me, myself, and I. We may not be a fair sampling of the rest of the population, but unless your visitors subscribe to your blog or bookmark the page, I don't think people really care if you post on a Monday followed by a Thursday since they'll probably never visit your website again. That sounds cold, but it’s the reality I have to remind myself of when I put out these posts.

Your Potential, Your Privilege

I spent part of this weekend doing more soul-searching about what it is I want to do with my time away from the office. It’s a balancing act dividing my spare productive energy between running a freelance business and building a platform for my future books. Then I sat down to prepare my lesson for Sunday’s young men’s lesson at church.

Sunday’s lesson happens to be about talents and gifts and using them for His Glory. Coincidence? I'm not so sure. I don’t spend enough time asking myself what I can do to spread the gospel. My own greed about the things I want tends to get in the way.

The First Step to Taking Control of Your Blog

What New Year's resolutions did you set for your blog? Maybe you've taken an oath to post more frequently, to socialize more diligently, or respond to Comments more consistently. Yeah, sign me up for all of the above, including a course on eliminating the use of adverbs, surely, but the biggest blogging goal n my plate in 2013 is to control my blog instead of allowing it to control me.

Should Religion Influence Politicians?

The other day at work I was arguing politics with a coworker, never a good idea under the best of circumstances but especially when you are the minority in the room. We were discussing the last presidential race, and the point came up about whether or not a politician's religion should influence their decisions. Me, I don't see how it's possible for religion not to enter their decision making process.