December 2012

Facts About Blindness ... According to Me

What have you always wanted to know about blind people but was always too afraid to ask? My thoughts are not the definitive view on the subject. Contrary to popular presumption, we're not all related to each other, and our opinions are as diverse as the people that make up this small segment of society. Still, it's a good start.

God, Good, and Tragedy

After a jarring event, whether natural or manmade, we sometimes ask ourselves why would a loving God allow tragedy to visit His children? Some events are so horrendous as to question His rationale. It is not unusual for us to ask if the presence of such evil means God abandoned us or worse, that He was never there.

iPhone vs. Android: One Year Later

Should you buy iPhone or Android? Grammatical corrections aside, I found myself contemplating this question a year ago, and so far I have no regrets having gone the Apple route.