October 2012

A Nation of Blocks: Reverse Discrimination in Politics

It’s a little surprising that politicians still use minorities as political pawns to drive talking points. A few days after the first presidential debate I overheard someone bemoaning the lack of Latino mention, and it made me wonder if the idea of equality in this country is nothing more than a persistent mirage that stays a mirage because we choose to keep it at arm’s length.

Recommended Horror Books to Enjoy by the Fireplace

Nothing is more enjoyable in the autumn season like a good scary story. Outside the temperature has dropped to 20 degrees below last week’s average. The sky has been as dismal as the rain has been bleak. Others may frown at the dreary weather. I, however, find it the perfect time to settle down with an excellent story about those things that lurk outside the cold windowpane, or, have they already gotten inside?