April 2012

Review: WebDrive

I'm always curious to know what tools authors use to maintain their sites. Today I give you a brief review of my favorite FTP client. In order of preference after using these extensively, they would be FileZilla, FlashFXP, and WebDrive. Note that FileZilla is a free solution, but it felt clunky and never worked well with my employer's secure server. Also, FlashFXP currently only works with Windows, whereas the others are multiplatform.

Securing Data on Public Wi-Fi

The beauty of writing is that you can do it just about as effectively from your home office as you can from a coffee shop. The risk is that taking your work on the road means your data becomes vulnerable to hackers and other forms of intrusion, and more often than not, your privacy is compromised without your ever being aware. Chances are good that you trust all manner of financial information and other sensitive data to your laptop, none of which you would ever want to get into the wrong hands.

Quotations that Inspire Me

Or rather, these are some of the quotations I have found over time and kept tucked away for many years.

"He who loses money, loses much. He who loses a friend, loses more. He who loses faith, loses all."--Anonymous

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."--Cadet Maxim

"Reality is the cage of those who lack imagination."--Malcolm X

"When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There's a microscopically thin line between being creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on Earth. So what the hell, leap."--Lise Hand, British journalist

My Testimony: Why I Became a Mormon

In some ways, my testimony reminds me of my first weeks in the Washington area. Before moving up here, I thought I only had two fears in life. As it turned out, moving to DC uncovered a third. It wasn't the reported crime rate. It wasn't the threat of terrorism. My object of dismay was the Metro!

In the weeks leading up to my move it seemed news of accidents in subway systems followed me everywhere. Never mind that the incidents I was reading about were occurring in countries many miles away. I was convinced that some day the evil train would jump the tracks and run me over.


Gator, Noble Guide and Companion

Honestly, I was not fully convinced I’d get a guide dog until I actually set foot on The Seeing Eye campus. Now don’t take that personally. I was worried about getting a bad match or a great match with a fruity name like Squiggles or Pumpkin or some such nonsense you sometimes see come out of guide dog schools, and was I really ready for the responsibilities of a trained dog? I think I also feared becoming one of those obsessed guide dog owners who sign their e-mails with their dogs’ names.

Braille Literacy: Not the Last Resort

A world without print is unimaginable. Yet, that is the reality that faces the growing number of blind and visually impaired population in America, perhaps the world. Far be it from me to strike an alarmist tone, but Braille is the only concrete access blind people have to the written word. Sadly, our educational system is slowly making Braille a thing of the past.

As noted by Wikipedia: