July 2011

Demotivational Slogans

Okay, so these are actually demotivational posters, but as I only gave you the text here, I hope you won't mind the more accurate label. Thanks to A.Z. for passing this along, and for the complete list of posters with images go here. These were my favorites:


The discovery that you're no longer a big fish in a small pond, or even a small fish in a big pond, but a small fish in a big fish.


The bad news is robots can do your job now. The good news is we're now hiring robot repair technicians. The worse news is we're working on robot-fixing robots- and we do not anticipate any further good news.

Review: Dragon Reborn

I began reading The Wheel of Time earlier this year on a recommendation from a friend who shared my respect for The Sword of Truth series. I say "respect" because my friend and I agreed the series was good enough to reread certain portions but not so good that it could be deemed a classic. Inserting one's political and religious views into one's work of fiction is fine, but not so fine when these take on rambling monologues of the kind that detract from the general feel and pace of the plot. More on this in a different post.